What do you get?

Most of all, safety and professional assistance in case of problems at the workplace.

Membership in Solidaritet is a kind of insurance that your rights will be respected. You will get help with such matters as:


Employment contract

Working time provisions

Entitlement to leave

Salary negotiations

Protection against dismissal

Mobbing, discrimination, dumping

What are the profits of being a member?

A union member is treated differently by the employer than an employee who does not belong to such an organisation.

For example, if an employer planned to dismiss the employee or change his or her working and salary conditions for worse, such plans must be passed on to the union. In such cases, the Solidaritet trade union assists and supports employees through negotiations and interviews with the employer.

What is more, the union cooperates with professional lawyers who may also represent the union member in labour law court proceedings before such institutions as Labour Inspectorate, the Office for Gender Equality and Discrimination, NAV and others.

Thanks to our extensive experience in representing employees, we are not afraid to take up complicated matters, no matter whether the employer is a one-man company or a powerful concern - the satisfaction of a member counts!